5 Tips to Mulching Like a Pro

Mulching may seem like a hard task but it’s not. You just need to learn the best practices and see your trees growing healthy and strong due to effective mulching. We’ll share with you a few simple yet effective mulching tips to get started.

  • Know how much mulch to apply

    In most cases, the tree will do with two to four inches of mulch; that’s all you need. You can start by spreading the mulch around your trees around two to four inches evenly on the perimeter of the tree. Then take a rake or shovel and pull the mulch out to the edges of the tree’s canopy. Remember that when you apply too much mulch on the tree, you can cause damage. Too little mulch on the other hand, will leave the soil exposed as it wears out fast.

  • Inspect the area before mulching

    To know the amount of mulch that a tree needs, you may want to inspect its soil conditions. You may also want to check the soil composition before mulching. If the tree is planted in clay soil, it’s likely to require a thinner layer of mulch. However, trees that are planted in sandy soils will need between four and five inches of mulch.

  • Don’t mulch close to the tree trunks

    One bad mulching habit that needs to stop is piling mulch against the tree trunk. Doing this will promote insect infestation and disease-causing organisms to invade the tree. Remember that the tree requires space to breathe. Your local arborist Mississauga will recommend leaving the trunk as well as the root crown exposed when mulching. This helps to ensure there is adequate airflow and drainage and the tree continues to grow healthy.

  • Watch out for shifting mulch

    If the mulch shifts, you need to pull it away from the trunk from time to time. Don’t just mulch the area and neglect it for a while. In fact, you must hire a tree service Toronto to come and perform regular inspections once in a while.

  • Use the right mulch

    Mulching properly is one thing but making sure you use the right mulch contributes to the effectiveness of this process. The best mulch is the one made from organic products. For instance, compost materials, saw dust, wood chips and mulched leaves can be used to make organic mulch. If the tree is newly planted or young, try not to use fresh wood chips. Fresh wood chips may be an excellent choice for mature trees and shrubs, they are not recommended for young trees. You can source for mulch from a reputable producer in your area if you want to get consistency and peak results.

If you have trees in your landscape, mulching should be a regular part of taking care of them. You can hire a tree service to do this task for you to ensure your trees remain healthy and to prevent tree removal Mississauga due to poor maintenance. Remember that trees will thrive with the right type of mulch applies the right way.

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