Tree Removal In Markham During Winter

A Tree Falls on the Roof and Torontonians have to dig out after the wintery blast


Homeowners were left stranded following a heavy ice storm that wreaked havoc across southern Ontario and Toronto. The ice storm downed wires and tree branches across the city. Luckily, no one was injured during the mayhem.

Gaby Mekinda, a homeowner at Wychwood Park and Davenport road, heard a loud crash that shook her century home – while sitting in her living room Sunday night. Mekinda’s tenants who live on the second and third floors were lucky to have escaped unhurt.

Mekinda and her husband Mel live on the main floor, renting the rest of their three-story century home which she inherited from her mother in 1961. Ken Wilcox, his wife, and their two girls are happy to be alive – they live on the top floor. The crash, however, destroyed the roof and created some cracks in the third-floor wall.

According to Al Miley, the owner of Al Miley and Associates, a large branch fell onto the roof of the third-story roof. Al Miley, whose company was contracted with the tree’s removal,  said that the branch was so large that they were forced to use a crane to lift it out.

That night, Mekinda managed to bring her tenants safely into her living room after which she phoned the police. The police and fire came to inspect the stability of her home and reassured her that the house was safe. Miley said that he usually aims to save a tree that has suffered broken branches. In this case, the Mekinda’s old tree will likely be saved.