What to do if you notice black or maple spots on the tree leaves

If you take a close look at the trees in your yard, you may notice signs such as black spots on the leaves. Maple leaves are quite common in Toronto. The leaves will appear green in spring and then change color to a beautiful yellow, orange and red in fall. However, you may notice that the leaves have some brown or black spots in summer. Here some advice from our tree removal experts- Almiley and Associates

Should this be a cause for concern?

We always recommend hiring a Toronto arborist to evaluate the tree and offer the most suitable advice. Those tiny spots could be a sign that your tree is suffering from a fungal disease known as maple tar spot. The best part is that this disease can be treated and your tree restored to its original beauty.

Is your tree at risk?

Maple tar spot affects certain types of trees so you need to know if yours is at risk. The common types of trees that are likely to get maple tar spot include sycamores, red, sugar, silver and Oregon maple trees. Your trees are also at an increased risk of getting this fungal disease if they are exposed to lots of water. Therefore, if your area gets lots of rain throughout the year, it could lead to maple tar spot disease.

Should you be worried?

In most cases, the spots are simply a cosmetic problem. Because your tree leaves can have so many unsightly dots, it won’t appear as good as it did on the property. You can remove this by having a certified arborist apply the necessary pesticide. You can also prevent this from ever happening again by making sure you eliminate the tar spot fungal spores by raking the leaves. Applying pesticides is usually recommended if the tree is constantly attacked by the fungal disease.

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