Common Tree Problems and How to Address Them

Are your trees not growing as much as you would want? Have you recently noticed signs of insect infestation, browning of the leaves or cracks on the tree trunk? These could be telltale signs of common tree problems that need to be resolved. We’ll go over a few tree problems and highlight some possible solutions.

  • Lack of nutrients

    Unlike trees in the forest, the trees in your landscape may not get adequate nutrients throughout the year. When you remove the fallen leaves and twigs in your yard to keep the area tidy, you end up stripping off beneficial nutrients that could have been recycled in the soil. Mulching and fertilizing trees in your landscape help to replenish the lost nutrients giving you a healthier tree.

  • Soil compaction

    There’s so much activity that goes on in the yard. All the foot traffic leads to soil compaction which can later restrict growth. Hire tree services Toronto to help you loosen the soil and reduce stress on the trees. Compacted soil can also be loosened by mixing organic matter or mulching.

  • Pest infestation

    When the tree is planted in the wrong environment, it can result in tree stress. This happens when the tree doesn’t get enough nutrients and other resources to allow it to thrive. The problem becomes worse if the tree is competing with the nearby grass for nutrients.

  • Mechanical damage

    Your trees can get damaged by animals like deer and rabbits that sneak into your yard. Sometimes the equipment you use on the lawn such as tree trimmers and lawn mowers can damage the branches and roots interfering with the spread of water and nutrients. It’s very important to check the trees regularly and prioritize their long-term health. An arborist can explain the best way to address such issues.

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