Signs of a Dying Tree in Winter

The winter season is a dormant period for trees. It’s a time where they conserve their energy and slow down in preparation for spring. But this doesn’t mean that the tree is dead. It may have bare branches and limited activity but this is completely normal in winter. Just to be safe, hire a Toronto arborist to confirm that your tree is still in good health. You can also perform a few simple tests to check if the tree is dormant or dead in winter.

Dying Tree in Winter

Check for budding life

Even when the tree is dormant, it should still have green buds. So if you notice some green buds on the tree, it means it’s healthy and ready to bloom in spring. However, if the tree is dry and brittle, it could be a sign that it’s dying. You’ll need to check a couple of branches in order to determine if it’s a dying tree.

Inspect the tree trunk

The tree bark should grow in during the winter. It’s a sign that the tree is just dormant and not dying. If the tree is dying, you’ll notice cracks in the trunk. This could be a sign that you need to hire an expert for tree removal Toronto.

Scratch test

When a tree is dormant, it should still have a moist and green layer under the twigs. You can scratch the small spot on one end of the twigs to see if the bark underneath is still moist and green. If you simply see a brown and brittle layer, it could mean that the tree is drying.

You may not be able to tell for sure if a tree is dormant or dying. We recommend hiring an arborist who will come and perform all the necessary investigations and advice further.

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