Easy Tips for Taking Care of your Christmas Tree

When you bring home a Christmas tree, you want to ensure that the tree remains fresh and attractive throughout the festive season. You may want the tree to remain fresh and last well into the New Year. You should note that it is easy to end up with a dry, brittle Christmas tree even before December 25 hits. Your fresh Christmas tree may dry out if you neglect it for a few days or expose it to excessive heat. How can you take care of your tree and ensure it lasts longer?

Trim the Christmas Tree

When you are buying a Christmas tree, insist that the seller makes a fresh cut across the base of the tree. This cut will help to enhance water absorption. By making a fresh cut, you will get rid of any resin that may have dried over, which may prevent proper
absorption of water. Whenever you cut a fresh tree, pitch oozes out and seals the pole.
When you saw the base of the tree, you will open up the poles and help the tree to absorb water.

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Water the Tree

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For you to stay up and healthy, you need water. Your Christmas tree needs water as well to stay strong and fresh. You might be surprised to learn that a freshly cut tree may consume up to a full gallon of water in 24 hours. Ensure that you fill the tree stand with water and keep it filled. It is advisable to use a stand that holds up to four liters of water. The tree stand should also be able to hold the Christmas tree upright to facilitate the absorption of water.

For the first watering, it is advisable to use warm water. This will facilitate the sap flow and help to replace lost moisture to the tree's branches and needles. Ensure that you add fresh water twice daily. For the first couple of weeks, your tree will absorb a lot of water. Ensure that the tree stand is always full of water. Never allow the water level to go below the tree's base. As long as you take care of your Christmas tree and water it frequently, the tree may last for a minimum of five weeks. Toronto tree service can help to ensure your Christmas tree serves you for longer. You may decorate your tree in late November and the tree will last up to December 25 and beyond.


Keep the Tree Away from Heat Sources

It is advisable to ensure that you keep your Christmas tree away from heat sources. Keep the tree indoors and ensure that it is away from heating ducts or heat sources. The lower the temperature, the better your tree will do and the longer it will last. You may feel tempted to keep the tree near a source of heat. For instance, nothing would look more beautiful than a well-decorated Christmas tree next to the fireplace. However, the fireplace may contribute to your tree drying out much faster.

If your home is prone to dryness, you should ensure that you use a humidifier to help add moisture to the room. A humidifier can help to add moisture to the air and keep the tree fresh for longer.

With proper care, your Christmas tree will maintain its glamor throughout the festive season.

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