Emergency Shrub Removal Toronto

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    Shrub Removal in Toronto

    While most arborists strive for the preservation of plant life and would never usually recommend removing a shrub or tree, there are certain circumstances where removing the plant is your best option. Read ahead to see if it is the right course of action for emergency shrub and tree removal in Toronto

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    When Should I Resort to Emergency Shrub Removal in Toronto?

    There are certainly many variables that impact the positioning and health of a shrub or tree. Such variables may range from the effects of weather over time to human interaction and possibly intervention. Sometimes shrub or a tree will need to be removed because it has reached the end of its natural life cycle and has begun to decay.
    Some of these factors at play only pose reversible problems that can be remedied with proper care and treatment; however, there are certainly times where the plant cannot be redeemed and shrub or tree removal is the most viable plan of action.

Here are just a few of the factors that necessitate shrub removal:

  • Weather Damage (as a result of a storm and/or high winds)
  • Damage from human activity/interaction
  • When the plant is a risk to buildings and adjacent properties
  • Soil compaction
  • Disease
  • Pollution

As you can see, there are two major situations where shrub or tree removal is necessary. A plant that has been damaged beyond repair by factors in the environment typically needs to be removed.
This can be a more common fate for plants in urban areas due to higher levels of pollution and human activity. On the other hand, a perfectly healthy plant may also require removal if it is at risk of damaging your home or other properties. This can also apply to a tree that has experienced storm damage.
While the tree’s health may be redeemable, the physical state of the tree could be hazardous to the safety of buildings and people.

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If you think you may have a hazardous tree or wish to remove a tree or shrub that you believe is in poor health, contact Al Miley & Associates for any of your inspection and removal needs. We can start you off with a free estimate and get your property looking healthy again in no time!

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How Our Arborists Can Help You

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    Knowledge & Experience

    If your property has a hazardous tree as a result of storm damage or maybe a deceased tree that has succumbed to its environment, Al Miley & Associates has the removal solution you need. Regardless of the problem, our team of professional arborists has a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure that the plant in question is removed in a clean and prompt manner.

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    Safe & Efficient

    Since tree removal can be a dangerous job, it is recommended that you look to a certified, fully insured, and highly trained arborist for assistance.
    Our arborists not only have the advantage of being experienced, but they also have access to specialized equipment that makes the job far more safe and efficient.

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