Do I Need a Permit to Remove a Tree in Richmond Hill?

Richmond Hill is committed to protecting the tree that is important for the quality of life today and for the future. That is why you will need to get a tree removal permit Richmond Hill if you plan on tree removal from your property. The Tree Preservation By-Law controls the removal of trees on both private and public property. The by-law dictates that you apply for a tree removal permit before you start removing or injure any tree that has a diameter of more than 20 centimeters. The diameter is taken 1.4 meters from the ground level.

How To Get The Tree Removal Permit

Applying for a tree removal permit is very straightforward. You need to fill out the application forms from here. This should be done after getting an arborist report on the tree or trees that you wish to remove. The report must be from a certified arborist. The application, the required fees, and the arborist report must then be mailed to the Parks and Natural Heritage Planning section in the Municipal Offices.

  • The Municipal Offices Are At:

    225 East Beaver Creek Road,
    8th Floor

    Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3P4

It is also okay to drop off you application in person if you want.

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Exceptions By The By-Law

As aforementioned, you don’t need to apply for a permit for the removal of a tree that has a diameter of less than 20 centimeters. You will also not need a permit if you want to remove trees that are:

  • Dead
  • Diseased
  • Hazardous

Other trees that are exempted by the by-law are those on development sites. This is because the site plan submission needs to include the Tree Inventory and Preservation Plans. The plans are approved by the Parks and Natural Heritage Planning section.

All in all, this does not mean that you go right ahead and remove the tree simply because you don’t need a permit. For the removal of dead, diseased or hazardous trees, you are required to submit an Arborist Certificate from certified arborists to the Parks and Natural Heritage Planning.

  • Their address Is Also At:

    225 East Beaver Creek Road,
    8th Floor

    Richmond Hill, ON L4C 3P4

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Application Fees

A processing fee is required when applying for the tree removal permit. The non-refundable fee is $150 for the first tree. For every additional tree that you want to remove, the fee will be $50 each. The maximum fee is $400.

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Reporting Illegal Tree Removal

Members of the public are encouraged to report the illegal removal of trees in Richmond Hill. The report can be made to the Richmond Hill’s By-law and the Licensing Enforcement section. You can do this by calling 905-771-0198.

Getting a tree removal permit Richmond Hill is just the first step. You will then need to find an expert in tree removal services. Remember that you will be liable for any damage caused during a tree removal.

You can download the application form for a tree removal permit here.

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