Why Hire Al Miley & Associates for Your Tree Removal Needs

Is your property or yard filled with ugly stumps or hazardous trees? Are you worried the old tree in your backyard poses a safety risk? If you need a tree or stump removed, it is time to contact the experts in tree removal. Our professional arborists can work with you to ensure the trees on your property are removed safely and efficiently. We understand that most tree removals are complex and the smallest mistakes can be costly. That is why we only work with an in-house team of highly qualified arborists. But why should you choose Al Miley & Associates?


The danger that is linked to tree removal makes it imperative to only hire an arborist who is legit. The last thing you want is for a service provider to run away after a tree removal goes wrong. At Al Miley & Associates, we are not only licensed but also insured. That way we assure you that in case of damage to your property, we have sufficient insurance cover to get things fixed. You also never have to worry about being liable for the safety of our workers. Feel free to ask for referrals, references and also to look at our license and insurance.

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 Professional Equipment

The equipment used in tree removal will determine how well the project goes. In our years of experience, we have come to learn that certain jobs require specialized equipment. That is why we have an impressive arsenal of professional equipment for virtually any tree removal project. We make sure that you never incur unnecessary losses from collateral damage caused by the heavy equipment or the use of the wrong equipment for the job.

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In need of high-quality tree and shrubbery services in the Toronto area? Get in touch with us today to begin benefitting from our fully insured team of expert arborists. We can further inform you on our services, possible solutions to your plant-related problems, and we can even provide a free estimate!

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Written Estimates

When consulting a tree removal company, you need a written estimate. You cannot take the company’s word for it. At Al Miley & Associates, we always provide you with a written estimate. Our detailed written estimate includes a breakdown of all the services we will charge you for. You never have to worry about hidden charges. A written estimate further gives you leverage in case of a misunderstanding.

Safety Gear

Safety is our top priority at Al Miley & Associates. We understand that tree removal is a very risky job that carries huge risks to both human life and property. Because of this, our employees always wear appropriate and adequate safety gear. Our gear is optimized for total safety.

 Professionalism and Training

Being insured and licensed is not enough when it comes to tree removal. You need to hire a highly qualified and well-trained arborist. Our team undergoes rigorous training before they are allowed to work on your property. Only highly trained and experienced arborists will be sent to your job site.

Tree removal is not a job for any Tom, Dick, and Harry; expertise and the use of the right equipment are needed. That is what we bring to the table at Al Miley & Associates. Regardless of how big or small the job is, we have you covered. Give us a call today to learn more about our expert services.

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