Are Your Evergreen Trees Turning Brown During Winter?

If you’ve invested in evergreens in your landscape, you may be concerned when they start to brown especially during the winter. Our tree removal team will look at a few reasons why the evergreens could be turning brown in winter and what you can do about it.

What happens during the harsh winter weather

Evergreen Trees Turning Brown During Winter

The winter elements can be really tough on your evergreen trees. Due to freezing the roots aren’t able to obtain water from the ground. They only rely on the water that is stored in the tree needles. This means the stocked water can run out fast causing the tree needles to turn brown when they dry out. One thing you can do to prevent this is to spray a protective anti-desiccant spray which prevents dehydration.
Spray really helps to combat dryness.

The effects of the scorching sun

Tree diseases such as cytospora and canker disease can also cause browning needles. The infection may attack the branches and only a Toronto arborist can help to determine the next course of action if this is the case. The anti-desiccant spray must be done by a technician so that it’s done at right time and properly. For instance, it’s never advisable to spray when there’s rain in the forecast. The spray simply works by shielding the plant from moisture loss keeping them safe until spring. But it needs to be properly done to avoid tree damage.

Insects and other tree diseases

The tree needles can become even more dehydrated because of the beating sun. The condition is commonly known as sunscald. It causes the needles to turn brown when exposed to direct sunlight. Another thing you may notice is dry and brittle areas on the bark of the tree. The same spray can be used to combat this issue.

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