Hints When Hiring an Arborist

Here are just a few things to keep in mind when you are looking to have work completed by a tree removal expert

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    Make Sure the Business is Legitimate

    Check resources such as search directories in order to locate the business. If they are listed in a directory, this does show some form of permanence. Also be wary if a tree care business advertising “topping” as this is not a recommended arborist practice.

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    Is the Company Insured?

    Always ask for the company’s insurance, and be sure that they have liability coverage for property damage, worker’s compensation and personal damage. You can complete further research by contacting the insurance provider in order to verify the tree care company’s present coverage.

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    Don’t Rush into a Contract

    Many company’s offer special deals if you sign a contract that day, but often times the quality of the work provided is lacking. Make sure you have fully researched the company and have received estimates from other arborists in the area. Also, be wary if the company asks you to pay for the service in full before the project is complete.

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    Avoid the Bargain Businesses

    When arborists advertise prices that are much lower than their competition, be wary. A quality arborist will have insurance coverage and equipment that will add to their services costs. If a company promotes low prices, they may not have these indispensable features.

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    Avoid Door to Door Services

    Most arborists have enough business on their own that they do not have to go door to door. Most times when companies go door to door, they are looking to make quick money. This leads to sacrifices in quality.

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    Try to Get More than One Estimate

    Having multiple estimates may give you a better idea of what seems to be a fair price, and what is too good to be true.

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    Climbing Spikes

    Knowledgeable arborists will not use climbing spikes when performing tree care unless they will be removing the tree, because these spikes can cause permanent damage to the tree.

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    Does the Arborist Have References?

    Good references will point to the quality of work, and they also give an indication of the experience of the arborist.

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    Determine If Your Arborist is Certified

    If they are not certified, ask if the company is a part of any professional organizations. These may include the National Arborist Association or the International Society of Arboriculture. Membership in professional organizations does show a certain amount of professionalism.

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