How to Get Your Trees Ready for Summer

  • Inspection is key

    When was the last time you hired a tree expert to inspect your landscape? Lack of inspection can lead to tree removal Mississauga when diseases and insects have attacked the tree making it unsalvageable. Those beautiful green lawns that you admire on magazines and calendars come at a cost. You must dedicate time to inspect your landscape and watch out for signs of tree damage or insect/disease infestation. If you ever suspect that your trees or shrubs have been attacked by insects or infected by a disease, contact an arborist immediately.

  • Understand common summer tree problems

    There are certain landscape issues that are quite common during summer. For instance, the trees might experience drought stress if proper watering is not done. During this season, trees are prone to pests such as summer aphids, chinch bugs, borers and Ips beetles. Borers particularly thrive in drought-stricken trees and can feed on the inner bark of the tree interfering with water supply flow to the branches and needles. Your local arborist Mississauga can help you to address these common summer landscape problems and maintain the good health of your trees.

Summer is one of the harshest seasons for trees and shrubs. With proper care, your trees will maintain their strong and healthy state throughout the summer. We’ll show you how to prevent the summer storms and disease-causing organisms from weighing down on your trees. Learm morea about our tree removal Mississauga

Getting rid of those dead, diseased and unsafe branches from your trees and shrubs is very important. When you prune the trees during summer, it helps to form the structure and promote proper air circulation which encourages healthy growth of the tree.

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