Can you keep outdoor tree lights on throughout the year?

The much-anticipated Christmas holiday is now over. It’s time to tuck away the Christmas tree, decorations, and lights. But you’ll always find some outdoor lights lingering on trees in your neighborhood. Do you still have outdoor tree lighting in your home a few weeks after Christmas? Perhaps you haven’t gotten a chance to remove the lights on your yard or you simply love the brightly lit exterior. Question is, is it right to leave the outdoor lights on all year round?
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Can you keep outdoor tree lights on throughout the year?

Make sure the lights can stick around long enough

First things first, make sure you invest in Christmas lights that are designed for outdoor use. There’s special lighting made to withstand the elements. LED lights also perform much better than incandescent lighting in the outdoors. They can withstand extreme temperatures, harsh sunlight and water exposure.

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Choose the type of trees wisely

Always avoid hanging lights on trees that are either new or draped. The best trees to attach outdoor lighting are the ones that have enough strength to support the weight of the lights. Give the newer trees some time before you can attach any form of lighting to them.

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Plan ahead of time

Most importantly, make sure you know what you’d like to achieve with the outdoor tree lighting. For instance, you need to get the right number of lights, know how they will be covered and choose just the right type that can last after being in use for several months. Shop around for outdoor lighting that can properly handle extreme weather if you want it to last in different seasons. Get a professional to secure the lights properly so that they don’t detach and be exposed to damaged.

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