Lot Clearing

  • Safe and Efficient Lot Clearing

    Is your lot a little too densely populated with trees and shrubs? Whether you are clearing a new lot to build on or are simply making a path or clearing the view, Al Miley & Associates should be your top choice for lot clearing trees in the Greater Toronto Area and beyond. Our fully insured and certified arborists can clear your property in a safe, efficient, and environmentally-friendly manner.

  • Advantages to Professional Lot Clearing Services

    Most people lack the experience and knowledge to correctly clear a lot themselves. The removal of trees, shrubs, and other plants requires the right equipment, machinery, and highly trained people that can operate said equipment and machinery. A professional arborist will ensure that the correct safety procedure are followed and will take care not to destroy the landscape. We do our best to preserve the topsoil for future plant life and developments whereas someone with less experience could end up damaging their property.

Projects that May Require Lot Clearing

Our skilled associates are experienced in a variety of scenarios and are able to take on all kinds of lot clearing jobs. From clearing trees for buildings and roads to removing certain species of plants from the landscape that could be considered pests, we do it all.
Here is a list of some of the other lot clearing services that we can provide:

  • Clearing out a fire escape
  • Restoring animal habitats
  • Providing more visibility of the landscape
  • Helping to bring more symmetry and/or balance to the landscape
  • Clearing for hunting developments and trails
  • Clearing for tree and plant growth management
  • Clearing for power and utility lines

These are only some of the possible projects that could require tree and shrub clearing. Feel free to contact us for a consultation so that we can discuss options for your particular project. We are an incredibly versatile team that is up for a wide variety of lot clearing projects. Just give us a call so that we can begin to plan out your lot!

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Just about ready to clear those trees from your lot? Contact Al Miley & Associates to get started with a consultation so that we come up with the perfect plan for your lot. We will quickly clear your lot of trees and other plants while keeping your property safe and the surrounding environment untarnished.

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Environmentally Conscious

  • No Contamination

    As with the majority of professional arborists, Al Miley & Associates we have a deep respect for the environment and do our best to minimize the impact our lot clearing has on nearby trees, plants, and the land itself. We actively avoid the use of fire and will not contaminate any job site with smoke pollution. Also, we will tread carefully when it comes to trees and other plants that you wish to preserve.

  • Trust the Professionals

    Environmentally aware lot clearing is also useful for when you need to abide by certain municipal tree by-laws. Working around the plants that need to be preserved legally is a precarious job that is best handled by the experts.

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