Arborist Tree Removal Markham

The Risks Of Tree Removal And Why You Need To Hire An Expert


Last Thursday, a man died in Mississauga after suffering from serious head injuries due to falling off a tree. The man who is believed to be about 40 years of age fell off a tree that’s longer than nine meters, which is a distance that covers almost three storeys. This is another incident that proves how climbing and cutting down trees is a serious trade that should only be left to certified arborists.

Tree climbing and cutting are some of the riskiest jobs around that can claim lives. Arborists usually climb these trees supported by ropes or harnesses while holding a chainsaw, one wrong move and they could easily fall off. Arborists are also at risk of electrocution when cutting trees that are close to power lines. The other common risk that workers face is cutting themselves with the same equipment and tools they use on the job.

Tree removal in properties that are surrounded by homes, cars, and other valuables needs to be done with caution. Unfortunately, this industry is not well regulated even though there are a number of organizations that offer safety training and certification for tree removal professionals. It’s very easy for you to find anyone in your neighborhood taking a chainsaw and going ahead to cut their own trees.

Fortunately, the industry is growing fast and many people acknowledge the role of arborists in tree removal. Experienced arborists are able to remove trees safely while taking into account the properties and people around those trees. They know that this job is not easy and is extremely dangerous. They take measures such as making sure the equipment they use for tree climbing and cutting meets the standards of breaking strengths set aside by the industry. Today’s arborists take time to understand the tree before cutting it. They know the risks involved with each type of tree and take safety measures prior to getting the job done.