Should you overseed the lawn?

Have you noticed that your lawn has unwanted weeds or brown patches that steal its beauty? Perhaps it’s time to consider overseeding the lawn. Overseeding is an important step that can help you to keep certain issues in your lawn at bay. However, you must know when and how to overseed because it varies depending on the state of your lawn as well as where you live.

Should you overseed the lawn

Why overseeding is important

It involves planting new grass in different troubled areas in your lawn. Doing this has several benefits. They include:

  • Prevent the growth of weeds

    It helps to prevent the growth of weeds on your lawn by thickening the area.

  • Bare spots restore

    It restores any bare spots on your lawn giving it a completely new look.

  • Strength of the lawn

    It improves the strength and lifespan of the lawn.

  • Uniform look

    It allows you to give your lawn a uniform look without spending too much money and time on a complete renovation.

Is it time to overseed?

This procedure needs to be done at the right time. To determine the best time for you to take this important step, know the type of grass you have on your lawn. Plan to overseed in late summer or early fall if you have the cool season grasses in your lawn and you live in the Northeast. If you reside in the South, overseeding is best recommended during mid-spring or early summer. This is the best time because the temperatures are still warm for the seeds to develop.

How to overseed

Don’t rush to overseed before you aerate. Aeration is simply done by poking small holes in the soil which provides water and nutrients to the roots. Doing this gives the new seeds a higher likelihood of spouting and growing into strong and healthy roots. You can also hire expert tree removal in Toronto to help you determine if it’s time to overseed.

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