How to Spot Signs on Trouble on Bruce Spruce Trees

Do you have blue spruce trees in your yard? You may notice that these trees are slowly losing their beauty as the needles are turning yellow and then dropping. In some cases, the limbs become bare. This could be a sign that the tree has been affected by a fungus known as Rhizosphaera Needle Cast Disease.

Signs of the Rhizosphaera Needle Cast Disease

First and foremost, this fungus is commonly found on Colorado bruce spruce trees. If your tree is stressed, it is more at risk of getting the fungus. Among the signs to look out for include:

  • Yellow needles

    During mid-late summer, you may notice yellow needles especially on the lower branches.

  • Brown needles

    The yellow needles begin to turn brown during fall or winter.

  • Bare spots

    The brown needles then start falling during the next summer or fall. This means that you will soon notice some bare spots on the tree.

  • Signs move up

    The signs will start showing from the bottom of the tree and move up.

You can use a magnifying glass to check for small black spots lining the needles. This is one sure sign that your tree is infected. If your tree is infected, you can take the necessary steps to control the issue before it does any extensive damage. Remember that when this fungus is left for a prolonged period, it can eventually kill the tree.

How to Spot Signs on Trouble on Bruce Spruce Trees

You may not be able to reverse the damage caused if some of the branches or needles are already exposed to the Rhizosphaera Needle Cast Disease. The important thing is to ensure it doesn’t spread to the entire tree. Talk to your Toronto arborist to understand what kind of protection your tree needs to save it. This will even help the new branches and needles from getting infected. Al Miley & Associates expert arborist in Toronto.

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