How to Identify a Stressed Tree and Seek Appropriate Treatment

When you walk around your yard, you may notice that a certain tree looks unusual compared to the others. It could be that the tree is no longer bursting with leaves regardless of the season. Or perhaps the tree trunk is splitting and cracking giving your yard an unsightly appearance. The best course of action is to call a Toronto arborist immediately you notice signs of trouble. You can also go over the following signs and symptoms of tree stress.

  • Branches and leaves

    The branches and leaves are injured after a heavy storm: You can hire a tree expert to prune and get them back in good shape.

  • Splits and cracks

    The tree has minor splits and cracks: This depends on the severity of the cracks and splits. Ideally, the cracks should not affect more than half of the tree.

  • Tree is leaning gradually

    The tree is leaning gradually: It depends on the extent to which the tree is leaning because this could create extensive damage when it falls.

  • Mushrooms or fungi

    Presence of mushrooms or fungi on the base of the tree: It depends on the type of fungus on the base of the tree, some are known to be very dangerous.

  • Leafeless

    A tree doesn’t have leaves: This can occur due to different reasons and an arborist can evaluate the problem and offer the needed help.

  • Lose leaves

    Trees lose leaves prematurely: This may be due to a disease, heat and moisture problems.

  • Leaves color

    The leaves change color prematurely: Have you noticed certain leaves are green whereas others are brown? Your tree could simply be suffering from a disease and needs immediate treatment to save it.

How to Identify a Stressed Tree and Seek Appropriate Treatment

Trees generally need a lot of water to grow well. Some of these symptoms may be because of drought and they may not appear for up to 3 years. Regular care will save your tree from these issues and enhance its lifespan.

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