Telltale Signs of a Dying Tree

Do you suspect that your tree could be dying and needs to be removed from your property? When a tree is dead or dying, it could be a serious safety concern in your property. There’s the risk of the tree falling on your house or another building and injuring someone in the process. It’s always a great idea to hire expert tree removal in Toronto if you suspect that the tree is dead or dying. But first, let’s take a look at some common signs of a dying tree.

Is the tree dead or diseased?

First things first, you need to know the difference between a sick tree and dead trees. When the tree is simply sick, it can be restored by your arborist if you take the right steps. On the other hand, if the tree is dead, it cannot be saved.

 Signs of a Dying Tree

One way to know if your tree is still alive is to scrape off a piece of the twigs with a knife. If you notice it’s moist and green inside, it means the tree is still alive. If the tree is brown and stiff, it could be dead or dying so you need to take more steps to inspect it.

  • Brown twigs

    Do the same for a couple of twigs to see if they are all brown and brittle.

  • Fungi and mushroom

    Check for signs of fungi and mushroom growth on the tree especially around the base.

  • Cracks and splits

    Watch out for cracks and splits on the tree.

  • Deformed leaves

    Does the canopy have deformed or missing leaves?

If you notice any of the above, call your arborist immediately. This professional can inspect the tree in person and provide a proper treatment plan to save a sick tree. You can also eliminate any dangerous situation on your property by getting rid of a dead tree.

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