• Efficient and Hard-Working

    I just wanted to send you a quick thank you note for the excellent job your crew had done for our hedge last Saturday. It was a rainy day, and your crew didn’t show up until 4 PM when we were about to give up on having our hedges pruned that day.
    Your crew showed up rather tired-looking (who could blame them; they had probably been working all day long in the rain to that point). We thought, “oh, no…they’ll be here for hours,” but they were so efficient at their work and finished in about an hour and a half.
    To our delight, the quality of work was even better than we expected. They did an excellent job cutting the edge right up to the face of our chain link fence. The top of the hedge was completely level all the way around (we’re still wondering how they did that). They did an excellent job cleaning afterwards with a chopper and blower. It was a sheer pleasure to have such a competent, efficient and hard-working crew!

  • Professional Tree Removal

    Very rarely I come across a service or company that is worth writing a praise letter for. I have to tell you, I am writing this with all confidence.
    On July 22nd, I had the pleasure of having one of your crews perform a removal for me. I want to thank you for providing me with an amazing crew for my tree removal needs. This group was confident, professional and showed true work integrity.
    The experience was worry free, efficient and fun for my whole family. The group handled any situation that arose (i.e., environmentalist calling the city, storm and tornado warnings, etc.) with all expertise. I would highly recommend your company to anyone wanting anything to do with trees. Thank you to all you guys!
    -Lara, Max and Felix

  • Attention to Detail

    I am writing to comment on the service provided to me by your company. As you may recall, I had requested that you remove a tree that was growing through a fence at the back of my property. On the appointed date, the crew showed up in good time and from start to finish, did a superlative job. They were prompt, efficient and displayed a tremendous degree of respect for my property and that of my neighbours.
    They cleaned up extremely thoroughly and were very polite and courteous at all times. Several neighbours witnessed their arrival and departure and commented on the crew’s high level of professionalism and the quality of service.
    I just wanted to take this opportunity, therefore, to thank you and to tell you that I would not hesitate to recommend the services of your company to others.
    Sincerely yours,

  • Happy Customer

    You guys did a great job! I would be happy to act as a reference.

  • Skilled Workmanship

    Last Monday, your crew came to take down a very large silver maple tree situated in the back yard of my property. I am writing to express my thanks for the excellent level of service provided by your company. The tree was situated very close to my house and even closer to my neighbour’s house. The task was not an easy one, as all cutting had to be done by climbing and lowering with ropes. Unfortunately, I was unable to stay and watch the entire tree come down. However, I understand there was quite a group of neighbours watching with interest and amazement as this maple came down. Your crew is to be congratulated on their high level of skill of workmanship, courtesy and tidiness shown on the job site.
    There is a second silver maple at the back of my yard which will need trimming in the near future. Thank you for your professional service. I will be pleased to recommend your company at any time.
    Yours truly,

  • Exceeds Expectations

    I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the great job your workers did in removing the tree on my property. Their performance exceeded my expectations. They raked the back yard of all debris and left the grounds in the same condition. They showed up on time and worked non-stop until the work was finished. The young man with the chain saw deserves special mention. He did not stop for one minute, not even to take a lunch break. He is an asset to your company. If ever you need a reference, I will be glad to share my experience.
    Yours truly,
    R. Cirjanic

  • Thorough Clean-Up

    I just wanted to drop a line and let you know how pleased we were with your services yesterday. Your staff worked incredibly quickly and professionally, and they did a fabulous job of cleaning up all the debris that had accumulated by raking each of our lawns. There was nothing left to indicate they had been there except a lot of sunshine this morning. Thank you.
    -S. Rosenberg

  • Excellent Results

    While I have not been there to see the results of your work, I understand from my neighbour that you did an excellent job of both pruning and clean-up. Thank you so much for your efforts.
    Yours truly,

  • Nice Job

    Thank you for the nice, neat job.

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