What to do if tree branches are hanging over your roof

Have you recently noticed tree branches hanging on top of the roof in your house? Has your neighbor’s tree grown over your house and is becoming a safety concern? It’s time to hire expert tree services Toronto. Sometimes the tree branches can touch the power lines and need to be removed. The limbs can ruin your rooftop and present serious risks to the rest of the property. Here is some advice from our tree removal experts .

Why it’s a cause for concern

What to do if tree branches are hanging over your roof

As the tree branches rub on the roof shingles especially when there are strong winds, your asphalt shingles may experience some form of damage. This means that you will soon have to invest in costly roof repairs or a complete replacement if the issue is not addressed early.
In other cases, the leaves may begin falling in the gutters and when they are not removed on time, you expose the property’s foundation to serious issues due to leaks, mold, and deterioration. Blocked gutters are known to cause significant water damage and compromise the structural integrity of a property.

Sometimes this issue occurs because the trees are damaged or diseased. The limbs can also start to fall after a storm.
If the proper steps are not taken to identify the underlying issue early, the tree may fall onto your home.

How to cut the limbs over your house

The branches that hang on your roof need to be properly cut in order to avoid causing any damage. If you make one wrong cut, the branch could easily fall off and force you to spend heavily on roof repairs. Don’t make the mistake of turning this into a DIY project if you lack the skill. You could put yourself in a lot of danger in the process. Tree trimming is a risky process that should be handled by an expert.

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