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Protect Your Trees with Cabling and Bracing

Have you noticed any of your trees leaning precariously in a certain direction? The danger of uprooted trees can be present on any property given the right circumstances. That is why Al Miley & Associates offers tree cabling and bracing services to protect your trees from uprooting.
Cable and brace systems are great for giving a tree that extra support it needs to remain both healthy and safe.

When Should Trees Utilize Cabling and Bracing?

The two primary reason for resorting to cabling and bracing are weather and the quality of a tree’s innate structure. In other words, trees that are often or even occasionally hit with high winds and heavy storms and trees that have an inherently weak or poor structure are at the highest risk of being uprooted. Such trees require cabling and bracing systems to stand upright and continue to grow. As well, some large trees can have a structure that is more prone to splitting. Bracing and cabling can also be a great solution for keeping these types of trees healthy and whole. With our cutting edge technology, we can help prevent structural damage and strengthen those weaker branches.

The Consequences of Not Reinforcing Trees at Risk

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    Risks and Damage

    Besides having the tree become uprooted, there are many other things to be concerned about. An uprooted tree can cause severe damage to buildings and even tear up the land depending on the tree size and roots. Another obvious issue is the immediate risk a falling tree can present to nearby people; a tree that uproots at the wrong time can have devastating consequences to anyone caught within its radius.

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    Additional Expenses

    No matter what is damaged, an unstable tree that ends up being uprooted is certain to have its cost. The land around the roots will need to be repaired and it will take time for grass to cover the sizable divot in the earth. There is also the expense of removing the fallen tree, which could be impeding movement and taking up a lot of space.

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Tree Cabling and Bracing Toronto

Should I Remove the Unstable Tree Instead of Stabilizing It?

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    The Choice is Yours

    Obviously this choice is yours. As professional arborists we prefer to preserve plant life when we can, so we would typically choose to stabilize an old tree than remove it. On the other hand, some trees are beyond stabilizing with cabling and bracing. We can inspect the tree in question for you and inform you on your possible options. The final decision of whether you would like to add years to an older tree’s life or remove it completely is up to you.

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    We will get the job done

    At Al Miley & Associates, we can provide stability to your plants which also improves safety. Remember, if you think you may need cabling or bracing services, Al Miley & Associates is one of the top arborist businesses in the Greater Toronto Area as well as Northern Ontario. Whether you decide to preserve the tree or not, we will make sure the job is done right and that your property’s landscape will be noticeably improved when the work is done.

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