Tree Care Tips to Recover from Drought

When a tree is exposed to dry weather, it affects its health. It’s very important to ensure that the tree is properly cared for after undergoing long periods of drought. First, you need to determine if the tree is undergoing drought stress. Below are a few symptoms to look out for:

  • Drooping foliage
  • Yellowing of leaves
  • Dropping of leaves
  • Premature fall coloration
  • Leaf scorch
  • Undersized leaves

It is important to hire a tree service Toronto to closely inspect the tree and help in coming up with solutions to restore it. With close inspection, you may discover that the tree’s growth is stunted even if the drought days are over and it’s currently raining.
What’s even worse? Trees that are exposed to long periods of drought can be attacked by borers among other disease-causing organisms. Since the tree is already in a weakened state, borer infestation can cause significant deterioration leading to tree removal Mississauga. We’ll show you how to prevent this from happening.

  • Deep watering at least once a week

    If you have mature trees in your landscape, deep watering every five to seven days when there’s drought will help to ensure they continue to grow healthy. A simple way to water the tree is putting a sprinkler beneath it then place a coffee can nearby until 2 inches of water has collected inside the can. Make sure you water the whole root zone. The best time to water the tree is in the morning.

    If you have young or newly planted trees, deep watering can be done every two to three days. You may also ask your arborist Toronto to recommend a soaker product that can be used to keep your newly planted trees from drying out during drought.

    Remember that you will need to water more if there’s turf underneath the tree’s canopy because it also absorbs some water applied on the surface. It’s worthwhile to get rid of the turf before watering and applying mulch instead. This will ensure the tree roots receive plenty of water.

  • Check soil moisture

    Though there are general recommendations on watering trees during drought, they may not apply if you don’t consider the soil type and method of water delivery that is best for your tree. For instance, if the tree has been planted on clay soil, it can be hard to wet if water is applied too quickly. Water applied too quickly forms puddles meaning that only the top layer becomes wet. You can check how deep the water has infiltrated the soil by hand.

  • Proper tree care

    In long periods of drought, you must ensure your tree gets proper care. Hire a tree service to water, mulch and apply treatments when needed if you’re unable to do this yourself. Remember that you don’t have to perform routine pruning when there’s severe drought. This is simply because it can lead to stress that exposes trees to borer attack.

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