Professional ISA and TCIA Certified Arborist Richmond Hill: Tree Removal and Tree Care Services

Why Us

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    Fully Insured

    Our team is fully insured to render comprehensive tree and shrub care services.

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    WSIB coverage

    Our employees get the WSIB coverage.

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    Approved contractor

    Our team is approved by the city of Richmond Hill to perform arborial-cultural services on trees.

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    Competitive Rates

    You can always rely on competitive prices with us.

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    Special Winter Rates

    Winter is the best time for tree removal and pruning. Frozen ground protects the garden and soil from damage. Pruning in winter also has little to no disruptive effect on flowers and the garden.

Licensed Tree Service in Richmond Hill

At Al Miley & Associates, we offer a broad combination of professional tree care services in Richmond Hill which are aimed at creating for you a well-manicured landscape. Our services in this category include tree removal, tree cutting, tree pruning, storm cleanup, trimming and stump removal. Attention to detail is what we are known for in creating a visually riveting yard.

With our expert services, you can count on these benefits:

  • Safety
    Weak or broken tree parts can cause great risk when they fall. They can hurt pets, your family and even damage your property. With us, safety is always a top priority. Our team will carefully inspect your tree and ensure there are no hazardous limbs.
  • Development
    Removing the diseased and weak tree limbs will help a tree to heal and thrive. We will help you thin out branches and get rid of the dead, diseased and weak limbs. This gives a tree a chance to heal by allowing air and sunlight to get through.
  • Aesthetics
    With professionally shaped shrubs and trees, you can count on your yard looking brighter. We are adept at creating remarkable harmonious designs.
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In need of high-quality tree and shrubbery services in the Toronto area? Get in touch with us today to begin benefitting from our fully insured team of expert arborists. We can further inform you on our services, possible solutions to your plant-related problems, and we can even provide a free estimate!

Tree Service

Tree Removal Richmond Hill

Preserving plant life is our main focus. We will do whatever it takes to salvage a dying plant. However, there are times when the only option is removal. There are dozens of reasons why people consider the option of shrub or tree removal. The main reasons are to clear ground for construction or to remove a dying tree or shrub. Just like all living things, plants also have a lifespan and when they reach the end of their life, they have to be removed from your yard. With us, tree removal is an option we only consider when a tree or shrub is irredeemable.

Conditions that make tree/shrub removal necessary

  • Diseases
  • Soil compaction
  • Pollution
  • Weather damage
  • Risk of damaging nearby buildings
  • Damage resulting from human interaction/activities

Tree removal is mandatory when a tree poses the risk of damaging property and when it is beyond restoration. Tree removals are dangerous tasks that must be left to skilled experts.

Are you worried your tree is dying or is hazardous? Al Miley & Associates will send a team of highly skilled arborists to assess the condition and offer the required services. We have the equipment and the skills needed to handle any tree removal service. Call us today.

Tree Protection Richmond Hill

Trees need good care to remain healthy. They need a trusted tree doctor to monitor and treat any health issue. You will be amazed by the sheer number of pests and diseases that affect plant species. While only a handful of circumstances mandate a tree removal, most tree problems can be treated. Arborists are even able to restore dying trees.
Our first step in tree protection is the identification of the root cause of a problem. Al Miley & Associates work with an expert team of certified arborists who will accurately diagnose any tree problem and administer proper treatment. Our team has the latest training and education needed to diagnose the afflictions of plants. Whether all that is needed is pruning, pest control, professional monitoring or tree removal, we will diagnose the problem and administer the right treatment.
Working with Al Miley & Associates offers you the guarantee of personalized approaches to tree health care. Unlike other arborists who just administer treatment plans, we consider the local weather, regional pests, diseases and a range of other landscape conditions before picking a treatment. Give us a call today for a thorough inspection and treatment recommendations.

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Tree Pruning Richmond Hill

Keeping trees and shrubs healthy and aesthetically appealing calls for regular pruning. If you want your shrubs and trees to look great, what you need is pruning services. Pruning services will boost the aesthetics of your landscape while offering a range of other benefits.


Pruning will make your plants healthier by improving air circulation, sunlight penetration and giving plants the chance to defend against pests and diseases. A healthy plant will not only look vibrant but also live longer.


Weak, broken and dead tree limbs can cause safety issues in your yard. The removal of these parts will eliminate the risk of tree parts falling on buildings, people and cluttering the landscape. A safe environment will give you the much-deserved peace of mind in your home or place of work. Our expert team will evaluate your plants to ensure none of them are hazardous.

Manicured Landscape

The immediate benefit of pruning is the aesthetic appeal. For companies, pruning can improve the brand image. Pruning helps create a landscape that everyone will admire. Our certified arborists in Richmond Hill will create for you a landscape that you can admire. Contact Al Miley & Associates for expert pruning service

Tree Restoration Richmond Hill

Al Miley & associates specializes in tree restoration in Richmond Hill and the GTA community. If you want to save a dying tree or help to spruce things up in your yard, we are the first company you should call. Our team is made up of certified arborists in Richmond Hill. We value plant life.

Factors that affect the health of a tree

There are many factors that impact the look, health and growth of a tree. The main ones are:

  • Diseases
  • Pollution
  • Soil compaction
  • Storm damages
  • Damage resulting from human interaction/activities


The right nutrients are needed for a tree to thrive. We have worked with various fertilizers and after a professional assessment of your tree, we can supply the fertilizer your tree needs to replenish its food source and boost nutrient intake.

Trees in urban areas experience more exposure and are hence more prone. Call us for a restoration.


We don’t just recommend a solution without an inspection. To provide a tailored solution in tree restoration, our work starts with professional inspections which assess the condition of a tree to determine the best treatment. We only recommend tree removal when we are certain your tree is beyond redemption or if it is a risk to residents or property. We have the training an expertise to restore your dying tree to its former glory. This is achieved with a combination of tested arborist techniques and practices.

Tree Cabling and Bracing Richmond Hill

Un-rooted tree problems are common. The sooner you take care of these problems the better. If the tree on your property is bending awkwardly in one direction, there is a chance it has the un-rooted problem. Al Miley & Associates has worked with many un-rooted related problems and offer the best services in cabling and bracing. We will protect your tree and leave it healthier and better looking.

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    When cabling and bracing is needed

    The main cause of un-rooted tree problems is a weak innate tree structure and bad weather. The issue is more prevalent in areas experiencing strong winds and storms. Plants with a weak inherent structure have a higher risk of being un-rooted. Our cabling and bracing services offer trees the support needed to stand upright and subsequently restore the tree’s health. Our services further benefit trees with a high risk of splitting and those with weak limbs.

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    Risk and damage

    Unrooted trees have a high risk of falling on buildings and people. Bracing services strengthen a tree to prevent this problem.

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    Additional expense

    Once a tree falls due to the un-rooting problem, you will incur expenses in covering the divot in your landscape and costs of removing the tree. Fallen trees will further block access.

Why Choose Us?

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    The Arborist Advantage

    While not all tree problems require expert help, most of the issues command the hiring of an experienced arborist. Different plant species have to be treated in their own unique way and only an experienced arborist will be able to do that.

    Our team is made up of passionate and experienced arborists who can handle just any plant problem in a safe and effective way. At Al Miley & Associates, we don’t only refine, remove or cultivate with extreme efficiency but we also respect the environment and your property while doing so. We are a team of arborists who are 100% certified to work in Richmond Hill.

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    Comprehensive Services

    Our services have been designed to meet all your landscaping needs. Whether you are interested in expert trimming and pruning or the more advanced cabling and bracing services, we have it all. Our team of arborists is experienced and trained to help with just any tree problem. We are also available to help you plan a new landscape.

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    Flexibility & Versatility

    Our expert services are tailored to create for you a landscape that is vibrant. From tree maintenance, bracing and pruning to fertilizing and tree restoration, our services will transform your yard into something you and your family or clients admire. We are available to help you with specific tasks or for any routine landscaping services you may need. We highly recommend regular maintenance since this is the best way to spot plant issues before they worsen. Are you interested in long term or short term maintenance services? We have you covered. Meeting and exceeding your expectations is what we focus on in landscaping.

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    Experience & Commitment to Care

    Our commitment is to professionally maintain and enhance your property. Our in-house team of certified arborists is committed to providing the highest quality services in Richmond Hill and the GTA community. Over the years, we have managed to build a name as the go-to company for both residential and commercial tree services. Call us today for a quote.


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