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    Fully Insured

    Our team is fully insured to render comprehensive tree and shrub care services.

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    WSIB coverage

    Our employees get the WSIB coverage.

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    Approved contractor

    Our team has been approved by the city of Vaughan to perform arborial-cultural services on trees.

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    Competitive Rates

    You can always count on the most competitive rates from us.

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    Special Winter Rates

    Winter is the ideal time for tree pruning and removal. The ground is frozen hence no damage to the soil and garden. Pruning in winter is less disruptive to flowers and the gardens.

Licensed Tree Service in Vaughan

As TCIA certified arborists, Al Miley & Associates is committed to providing Vaughan residents with professional tree services: shrub, stump and dead tree removal, tree trimming, tree pruning, tree restoration and care, and more.

You can count on our expert team to provide detailed consultation and give fair job estimate. We posses over 45 years of knowledge and experience in handling small and large projects. Our company is proud to serve customers in Vaughan and the GTA community. Our promise to you is outstanding services, a natural landscape, and competitive pricing.

Whether you are interested in long term or short term services, we are here to meet and exceed your expectations with both superior services and flexibility in scheduling. Contact us for a free estimate.

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In need of high-quality tree and shrubbery services in the Toronto area? Get in touch with us today to begin benefitting from our fully insured team of expert arborists. We can further inform you on our services, possible solutions to your plant-related problems, and we can even provide a free estimate!

Tree Service

Tree Removal Vaughan

While the preservation of plant life is the best way to go, there are circumstances where tree removal is the only good option. Tree and shrub removal can be considered to clear ground for a new construction or simply to remove a dying plant. Sometimes the plant needs to be removed because it has reached the end of its life and is decaying. When the plant cannot be redeemed, tree removal becomes the only best option.

Conditions that mandate the removal of a tree or shrub include the following:

  • Weather damage
  • Soil compaction
  • Pollution
  • Disease
  • When the tree is a risk to the buildings or adjacent properties
  • Damage from human interaction/activity

There are basically two reasons why a tree removal in Vaughan becomes necessary. When the tree is damaged beyond repair and when a healthy plant poses the risk of damaging surrounding buildings. In some cases tree debris can also clog your air conditioner condenser that can results in a huge air conditioner repair expense. Such cases requires a tree removal service.  Tree removal is dangerous and should be left to highly skilled tree experts.

If you feel you have a hazardous tree or need to remove a shrub or tree that you believe is irredeemable, contact us for any inspection and removal needs. Al Miley & Associates has the equipment and the skilled team needed to safely assess a tree and help with removal.

Tree Protection Vaughan

Trees are a lot like us. They need the care to remain healthy. Just like you trust your doctor to guide you with health care, trees need a trusted tree doctor to monitor and treat them. There are so many tree diseases and insects that can affect the health of trees. While there are situations that mandate the tree to be removed, there are many treatment options that can be used to redeem even a dying tree.

The most important step in tree protection from pests and diseases is to identify the cause of the problem. Our experienced arborist will correctly diagnose a problem and administer the right treatment. Our team at Al Miley & Associates has the latest training and education needed to identify the root of a tree’s affliction. Whether what you need is selective pruning, pest control, monitoring or total tree removal, our experts are able to prescribe the appropriate solutions for any tree problem.

Working with us guarantees a personalized approach to tree health care. Our team takes into account the local weather, regional pests, and diseases as well as the overall condition of a landscape. Contact us today for an inspection and treatment recommendations.

Tree Pruning Vaughan

Pruning will not only keep your trees healthy but also make them aesthetically pleasing. Regular tree maintenance through pruning is recommended for people who want their plants to be in good shape while at the same time boosting the aesthetics of their property.


Pruning improves the health of a tree or shrub by improving sunlight penetration, air circulation as well as making the plant less prone to destructive pests. A healthier plant looks better and lives longer. A healthy plant will make your landscape more vibrant while at the same time giving longevity to your landscape.


Professional pruning helps create a safe environment. Pruning involves the removal of dead, broken and weak limbs. Fallen limbs can be hazardous to buildings, people and the landscape. Removing such limbs helps prevent accidents and reduces the risk of damage to your property.

Manicured landscape

The main advantage that comes with tree and shrub pruning is the aesthetics. Properly pruned shrubbery and branches create a landscape you can admire. Businesses can enhance their brand image through the natural scenery of their property. The pristine landscape created by properly pruned shrubs and trees will lead to a positive atmosphere. Hire a certified arborist in Vaughan to help with pruning.

Tree Arborists Vaughan

Maintaining a well-manicured yard means having well-maintained trees too. Tree trimming and pruning are two maintenance tasks that are needed on a regular basis to keep the trees both healthy and visually attractive. At Al Miley & Associates we offer a wide range of services in Vaughan which include tree cutting, stump removal, storm cleanup, pruning and tree trimming. We have an eye for detail and passion for getting your trees looking their best.

Our expert team offers the safest and the best tree trimming services. Our professional tree trimming services will help you with the following:


Trees with weak or broken limbs are a serious risk. They can cause harm to your house, your family, pets, and your neighbors. Tree limbs can be weakened by gusts of wind. We take safety very seriously and will ensure your tree limbs are not a hazard.


For a tree to achieve healthy growth, diseased parts and weak limbs should be removed to allow the tree to heal. To assist with healthy tree development, our services include thinning out branches and removing the dead and weak limbs. This allows the tree to access more sunlight.


Our focus is to brighten up your landscape with expertly shaped trees. We help create harmonious designs.


Tree Restoration Vaughan

Al Miley & Associates is a business specializing in all matters tree restoration in Vaughan and the GTA community. Whether your tree needs sprucing up or it appears to be dying, we are here to help. We are certified arborists in Vaughan who value plant life.

Factors that affect the health of a tree

Many factors affect the health, growth and look of a tree. The main ones are:

  • Disease
  • Pollution
  • Storm damage
  • Soil compaction
  • Damages caused by human interaction/activities

Trees in urban locations are at a higher risk due to frequent exposure to pollution and other human-related damages. Hiring us is one of the best steps you can make towards tree restoration.


To determine if your tree can be restored, we start with a thorough inspection. We understand that in some cases tree removal is the best option but we only consider this as a last resort. It is only after determining that a tree is irredeemable or poses risk to residents and property that we consider a removal. Often, we restore trees to their former glory using a combination of arborist techniques and practices.


Plants need essential nutrients to thrive. We offer special fertilizers that will replenish your tree’s food source to allow optimal nutrient absorption as well as maximum health benefits. As leaders in the business, we know which fertilizer and levels that will benefit your shrub and tree. 

Tree Cabling and Bracing Vaughan

Dangers of un-rooted trees can be seen on any property given the right conditions. If you have noticed your trees bending in a certain direction, there is a high chance of un-rooted problems. At Al Miley & Associates we have dealt with many similar problems and offer the best cabling and bracing services to protect trees from the un-rooting problem. Cabling and bracing offer trees the support they need to remain safe and healthy.

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    When to use cabling and bracing

    Weather and quality of the tree’s innate structure are the two major reasons why you may need to turn to the cable and brace systems. Trees exposed to high winds and storms and those with a weak inherent structure are at a higher risk of un-rooting. Cabling and bracing will help such trees stand upright. Large trees with structures that are prone to splitting will also benefit from this system. Our advanced technology will help you prevent structural damage while at the same time strengthen the weaker branches.

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    Risk and damage

    Unrooted trees can cause serious damage to buildings and landscape. There is also the risk of falling on people and property.

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    Additional expense

    An uprooted tree leads to added expenses such as covering the sizable divot in the ground and the cost of removing the tree that has fallen. A fallen tree will also impede movement.

Why Choose Us?

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    The Arborist Advantage

    While some tree problems can be handled without the need for expert help, many cases require that you work with a professional arborist. There are innumerable tree and plant species that need to be handled in a range of unique ways.

    Our team of certified arborists in Vaughan knows how to tackle plant problems in effective and safest ways possible. We not only remove, cultivate and refine with supreme efficiency but will also respect the environment and your property while working. We are 100% certified to do the work.

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    Comprehensive Services

    Are you looking for a tree removal service or someone to tame your wild shrubs? We are here to help. Our services include trimming and pruning services, cabling and bracing, tree restoration and so much more. With our professional training and experience, we can ensure that we restore your withering shrubs and trees and ensure they look their best. We are also available to work with you right from the beginning as you plan your new landscape.

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    Flexibility & Versatility

    From tree removal and pruning services to fertilizing and maintenance, we offer a wide variety of tree services to keep your landscape looking better than never before. Our team can help with a specific task or you can set up a routine maintenance schedule to keep your shrubbery and trees sustained. We advocate for regular maintenance as this is the key to catching issues before they cause serious problems.

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    Experience & Commitment to Care

    At Al Miley & Associates, we are fully committed to maintaining and enhancing your property’s shrubbery and trees. We work with fully certified arborists in Vaughan to provide the highest quality services to our customers in the Vaughan area. We have decades of experience and have built a name for ourselves in both residential and commercial endeavors. What is your project about? We have the experience, knowledge, and resourcefulness to leave your landscape looking amazing.

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