Cost of Removing a Tree in Toronto

Expect to spend anywhere between $150 and $1500 for tree removal in Toronto. The average amount of money you spend on tree removal will depend on many things including the type of tree you want to be removed from your property. Other factors such as the complexity of the job as well as the size and location of the tree will also determine how much you pay.

Cost of Tree Removal in Toronto

Average Cost of Tree Removal In Toronto

Other than the above add-ons that you may be required to pay, you’ll still have to budget for the actual tree removal process. It’s too risky to remove a large tree on your property. In fact, the larger the tree the more expensive it’s going to be to remove it. For instance, if the tree is really high, the workers may need to climb up before felling it. You may even pay $1500 for this service.

On the other hand, if you want to remove a tree that has fallen on your property, expect to pay less than removing a tree that is still intact and healthy. However, the job still requires skill and experience so you have to be extra cautious. Generally, removing a fallen tree will cost less than a standing tree. Expect to pay anywhere between $75 and $150 for this service.

What Type of Tree Needs to Be Removed

Tree species like oak are strong and tough which is why they are costlier to remove. We always recommend removing such tree species when it’s really necessary because you are likely to spend up to $1000 for a healthy oak tree removal. Most pine tree species are between 40 and 60 feet long. If you want to remove a small pine tree, you may pay up to $200 for this service. If you simply need to remove tree branches, most companies will charge an hourly rate. You are likely to pay anywhere between $200 and $300 per hour.

Damaged trees also need to be safely removed by an expert to prevent casing additional problems. You can avoid serious injuries by hiring tree experts to offer this service.

The Tree Removal Process

A number of activities may need to be carried out during tree removal. Someone may need to climb up the tree and cut it into small and manageable pieces. You may also need to pay an extra fee for hauling away the limbs. Expect to pay an additional cost for the following services.

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    Limb chipping services

    The tree limbs can be chipped after removal for recycling purposes around the property. Some tree companies have chippers available so they don’t charge much for this service.

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    Estimated cost


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    Tree trunk removal

    The trunk of the tree needs to be moved elsewhere after the tree is chopped off. Most tree services will offer to cut the tree trunk into smaller sections and even haul them away for you. But expect to pay an extra fee for this.

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    Estimated cost

    $50 - $100

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    Stump removal

    The cost of removing the stump is almost always not included. You’ll often be required to pay extra for this. Stump removal is done using specialized equipment and must be done by a skilled contractor. How much you pay will depend on the diameter of the stump as well as its condition. If the stump is rotten, it’s likely to be cheaper to remove than a healthy stump.

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    Estimated cost

    $60 - $350

How Much Should You Spend on Tree Removal

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Large Tree Removal Cost: ~$1500

Large trees present a greater safety hazard when they need to be removed from one’s property. This is certainly a removal job you don’t want to attempt by yourself. The cost of removing a large tree in Toronto is around $1,500 because of the specialized equipment and high level of skill it takes to get the job done effectively. There are several factors that come to play when determining how much the entire removal job will cost. For instance, if the removal process involves climbing up really high and cutting down the tree in pieces before felling it completely, be prepared to spend more.

Pine Tree Removal Cost: ~$200-$1500

Just like oak trees, pine trees are also quite tall. They have an average height of about 40 feet. Some are up to 60 feet in height. The larger the tree, the more expensive it’s going to be to have it removed. A small pine tree will cost you approximately $200 to remove whereas a larger one would cost you $1500 or more. This is because it will require more specialized tools and expert skill to have it removed safely and in an environmentally friendly manner.

Oak Tree Removal Cost: ~$200-$1000

One of the strong tree species known today is Oak. Oak trees are generally tall. The average healthy oak tree has a height of 60 feet. This makes the removal process risky and somewhat complicated. You will pay between $200 and $1000 to have an oak tree removed in Ontario.

Fallen Tree Removal Cost: ~$75-$150

It’s not uncommon for trees to fall unexpectedly. When this happens, the tree will need to be cleared immediately. Getting rid of a fallen tree is not as complicated as removing a healthy and living tree. However, this type of job has its challenges. Removal must be done carefully using proper equipment to ensure safety and prevent additional damage to the surrounding. Expect to pay around $75 and $150 to remove a fallen tree on your property. You’ll also need to factor in the cost of getting rid of the tree. Whether you’ll choose to have it hauled away or cut up/chipped into pieces, this is likely to come at an extra cost.

Tree Branch Removal Cost: ~$200-$300

There are cases when you only need a tree branch removed. For instance, you may want tree branch removal to prevent obstruction if you notice some of the branches are interfering with the power lines. This is likely to cost you less than having the entire tree removed. Sometimes your utility company can come in and perform the removal process at no extra cost. Small branches are easy to remove using the simple tools you have at home. However, if you don’t consider yourself a handy person, you can hire a professional to remove tree branches for about $200 to $300 per hour for this service. If it will take longer to remove lots of branches, expect to pay a lot more. 

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