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  • We Specialize in Tree Restoration

    Do your property’s trees need some sprucing up? Maybe some of your trees even appear to be on the verge of dying? Al Miley & Associates are a certified arborist business that specializes in matters concerning tree restoration within the Greater Toronto Area and Northern Ontario.

  • Inspection & Restoration

    After an inspection we will be able to decide if your tree can truly be restored. In some cases, a tree may need to be removed if it is irredeemable and poses a safety risk to your property and its residents.
    Often, however, trees can be restored to their former glory using a handful of handy arborist techniques and practices.

  • Our Fertilizers

    As with all plants, trees and shrubs require nutrients to grow and thrive. Our fertilizers work to replenish your trees’ food source in a way that allows for optimal nutrient absorption and maximum health benefits. With our expertise in the arboreal field, we know the proper fertilizer characteristics and levels for each tree and shrub.

Factors that are detrimental to your trees:

There are many environmental factors that can negatively impact a tree’s look, growth, and overall health. Some of the more notable detriments to your plant life’s health include:

  • Pollution
  • Disease
  • Storm damage
  • Soil compaction
  • Damage that is caused by some form of human interaction

In more urban locations, such as bustling cities, trees and shrubs are even more at risk due to their frequent exposure to construction, pollution, and other human-related forms of damage. With such an adverse environment, extra measures need to be taken to preserve the health of your landscape’s plants.

With decades of experience, we are well versed in the arboreal field and know exactly what each type of plant needs. You can trust in us to keep your plants in healthy condition. Hiring us is one of the best choices you can make for the wellbeing of the plants living in your commercial or residential property.

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Are your trees looking a little under the weather? Instead of giving up on them, try contacting Al Miley & Associates in the Toronto area so we can redeem them using our proven tree restoration methods.

Tree Restoration Toronto

How Can My Trees Be Restored?

  • Pruning

    We offer a myriad of services to help you keep your trees lush and lively. One such method is pruning; using refined techniques our skilled arborists can improve a tree’s light penetration, air circulation, and pest resistance simply by trimming it the right way. This can revitalize your tree’s health by giving it more of the light and air it needs to survive while cleaning out some of those harmful pests. The right pruning method can also drastically improve the form and structure of a tree.

  • Fertilization

    Another one of the best ways to approach tree restoration is through fertilization. Al Miley & Associates’ high-quality fertilizing services nourish your plants where it matters the most: at the roots. By transferring our fertilizers directly to the roots, your trees will receive the nutrients they need the most. Our process also aerates the tree’s soil to ensure healthy growth in the future. With our fertilizing method you can expect more lively plants, exceptional root growth, and increased resistance to diseases.

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