Vertical Mulching and Soil Aeration Toronto

What Are the Benefits of Vertical Mulching?

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    Soil Aeration

    One of the greatest benefits of vertical mulching is that it promotes soil aeration. When soil is aerated, this means the earth is more exposed to air and water. Trees need both of these to remain healthy, and soil aeration allows both to more easily penetrate the earth and nourish the roots.

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    Soil Fertilization

    In addition to more water and air, vertical mulching also provides trees with food since the mulch acts as a fertilizer. Fertilization is another necessity for strong and healthy trees as the trees require these invaluable nutrients.

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    Soil Decompaction

    You may have heard that soil compaction can be hazardous to a trees health. If soil is too compact, a tree’s growth can be stunted because it is too difficult for roots to grow and it becomes harder for the tree to gather resources. Vertical mulching somewhat alleviates this problem.

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    Root Inoculation

    Vertical mulching also helps to protect those all-too-vulnerable roots from disease and bacteria. These organisms can destroy a tree at its very energy source and often need to be fended off for a tree to live out its entire natural life cycle.

Vertical Mulching-Soil Aeration Toronto

Vertical Mulching Services

A popular technique of professional arborists, vertical mulching is done on trees to enhance the quality of the soil, thereby improving the overall health of the tree. Al Miley & Associates offers high-end vertical mulching services in the Toronto area and beyond for affordable prices. This technique will breathe new life into your trees by improving nearly every aspect of their health. If you want to learn more about the process of vertical mulching, read on ahead!

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Does vertical mulching sound like something your trees could benefit from? For all of your vertical mulching needs in the Toronto area, contact Al Miley & Associates. We can start you off with a free estimate and will leave your trees healthy and brimming with vigour!

Vertical Mulching-Soil Aeration Toronto

How Is Vertical Mulching Done?

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    The Vertical Mulching Process

    When vertical mulching, you essentially want to drill holes with uniform spacing in the soil around the tree (i.e. under its canopy). You should work your way out from the trunk, taking care to use the right auger width and to drill to the optimal depth (between 8 and 10 inches down). When the drilling is done, there should be evenly spaced holes under the tree’s canopy. From there, the holes are filled with combinations of substances that will be of benefit to the tree. These can include soil, fertilizer, gravel, and mycorrhizal fungi among other substances.

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    Optimize Your Tree

    A professional arborist will know precisely what mixture to use for each situation.
    It can also be a matter of preference since you may want to optimize your tree for growth if it’s smaller or more for inoculation if you think it is at risk of succumbing to bacteria. The drill is often used to mix the new substance with the soil. This can be done by partially drilling the hole, adding the new substance into the hole, and then drilling the rest of the hole.

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