When Do Trees Flaunt Green Glorious Leaves in Spring?

There is no view more majestic than seeing your trees flaunt fragrant flowers as well as green glorious leaves in spring. While there is no fixed date for when trees break bud, there are clues that can help predict when your tree will leaf out.

When Do Trees Start To Leaf Out?

There are two conditions that cause trees to wake up in spring. The first is when they notice warmer days after the winter stretch. The second is when they react to the change in daylight duration. Longer days of sun exposure and shorter nights trigger trees to leaf out.
If you are serious about tree care and want to know the exact time the trees will flaunt their green glorious leaves, there are apps that you can use to predict the bloom time depending on your region. There are many applications on the market that let you predict bloom time as well as the peak pest emergencies. These applications rely on weather data from hundreds of locations across the country.
The data from the applications are specific for every year, location and species. Adverse weather in your area such as severe or mild winter can cause trees to bloom later or sooner. Below is a timeframe of when trees typically leaf out in different regions:

  • Midwest: Trees start to leaf out when the temperatures get a steady schedule. This is the period around mid-April.
  • Northeast: Trees in the northeast are adapted to take more caution in spring bloom. This is because it can be harsh for the new leaves to be shocked by sudden freezing temperatures. As a result, the trees here start to bloom in late April and early May.
  • West: The blooming of trees in the west varies significantly. This is because the trees are exposed to varying climates from mountainous Colorado to coastal California. Western trees start blooming fully in early May.
  • South: The trees here are adapted to the warm weather in the region. They are not dormant for long. They start blooming as early as mid-March.

What Happens If Your Trees Don’t Bloom In Spring?

There are special cases in which while all the trees in the neighborhood are blooming yours might remain dormant. There is no need for alarm. Just because it is already spring does not mean your trees are ready to leaf out. You may have a unique tree species that blooms much later. For example, the willows and birch trees tend to bloom early in order to lengthen their pre-summer food production time. The elms and oaks, on the other hand, prolong the bud breaks in order to protect themselves from sudden freezes in early spring.
If your tree has not leafed out yet, you need to give it more time. If the tree buds are green on the inside, they will still leaf out. They will sprout on their own time. However, if the buds cannot be spotted or if they are black or shriveled, there could be a problem. Contact an experienced tree expert for help. 

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