Why Prune Trees in the Dormant Season?

When your trees enter the dormancy period, it’s the perfect time to prune. Pruning during the dormant season helps to prepare the plants for spring and summer season. If you don’t take measures to care for your landscape, you’ll put your trees and shrubs at risk of damage.

Benefits of pruning

Pruning a tree simply helps to control its size. When a tree is pruned, it can grow properly and you can get rid of any broken, diseased and dead branches ahead of time. Pruning the dead branches actually helps to prevent them from falling later and becoming a nuisance for pedestrians.

Why dormant pruning?

Pruning in the winter gives you the chance to follow the structure of your tree or shrub since there are no leaves in the way so you can actually see what you’re doing. In fact, trees that are freshly pruned during dormant season are less prone to insect attacks like borer infestation. The good thing is that most deciduous tree species can be pruned in the winter.
Give the tree proper structure and an attractive form: Pruning helps trees to not only grow the way they should but also acquire a really nice form. In fact, an arborist Mississauga would recommend pruning a tree when it’s young so that it doesn’t require any corrective pruning as it matures.

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  • Enhance safety

    Pruning can also be done for safety purposes. It can help to get rid of any diseased or weak/dead branches from the tree. When you allow these branches to fall in your property, you create a safety hazard for pedestrians.

  • Open up your view

    Pruning trees will help to ensure you maintain their natural look while keeping them out of your view. If you have trees or shrubs near your porch that have protruding branches, pruning will keep them in good shape without causing any harm.

  • Foster growth

    Pruning helps to promote healthy growth of trees and shrubs. When a tree is pruned, any fast-growing shoots and suckers are cut back. This ensures the tree grows how and where it’s supposed to.

  • Make the tree last longer

    Pruning can also encourage longevity. In fact, if you hire a tree service Mississauga to offer pruning, the trees will live longer because they are able to withstand harsh weather and avoid losing the tree before its time.

  • Promote air circulation

    When pruning is properly done, it helps to promote air circulation and keep diseases at bay. Disease-causing organisms thrive in poor air circulation. Thinning the branches reduces the dense mass on trees and shrubs that hinder air circulation.

Hire an expert for dormant pruning

Dormant pruning is important and it must be properly done for you to realize its advantages. You need to consult a tree expert who knows what to prune and when. Arborists come with the skills and tools required to do the job right during dormant season. Perform proper pruning and your trees and shrubs will be healthy and you’ll avoid tree removal Mississauga.

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