Why tree topping is not recommended

When your tree grows too tall, you may be tempted to simply chop it off. But chopping off the top of a tree, which is what’s referred to as tree topping, might do more harm than good. Whenever you cut a section of the tree off, the top branches are reduced to stumps. This can end up weakening the tree and giving it an unnatural look. Tree topping may cause the entire tree to break. It may turn out to be a serious hazard on your property, so you may need to hire an expert for tree removal in Toronto.

Common reasons for topping trees

You may choose to top trees for certain reasons. Perhaps the tree has extended to the electrical wires causing interference. It could be that you just don’t like the tall tree in your yard so you feel like shortening it to improve the overall appearance. Tree topping can also prevent tall trees from falling when there’s a storm.

You can even call expert tree services Toronto to get tree topping done well.

Why tree topping is not recommended

Ways in which tree topping could harm your trees

  • Removing lots of leaves

    In the process of topping, you may end up removing lots of leaves from the tree.

  • Insect infestation

    When the limbs are left too short, they become exposed to decay, insect infestation and even diseases.

  • Handle the storms

    Once tree topping is done, the tree tends to grow new limbs which may not be strong enough to handle the storms.

  • Not grow as well

    The new branches may not grow as well as the original branches. This difference in height can create problems in future.

When tree pruning is done well. You can reduce the height of the tree while keeping it healthy. Contact your local arborist and find out if there’s a way to trim the branches safely. If you are in the process of planting your tree, make sure you choose the right location so that it doesn’t cause interference when it reaches the mature height.

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