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Certified Arborist Reports

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    Our Specialties

    At Al Miley & Associates, certified arborist reports and in-depth consultations are just a few of our many specialties. If you need an arborist report because of municipality by-laws, we can help you out. As for our consultations, we can collaborate with you to figure out the best plan for your particular property. We operate in the Greater Toronto Area as well as Northern Ontario and are committed to providing the best services to both residential and commercial properties.
    Our professional arborists at Al Miley & Associates can meet with you and provide you with options for all of your tree care needs.

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    Make Your Dream Come True

    If you are interested in a consultation, we will meet with you and discuss possibilities for your trees and landscape as a whole. We will work with you to design a better natural landscape for your property. If you are short on ideas for how to improve your trees and shrubbery, we are open to providing some recommendations on how you can develop and enhance your property. Together we can collaborate to make your dream of having a natural utopia come true.

More on Arborist Reports

Those who are considering developing a property that may impact local trees will usually need to attain an arborist report. Most municipalities in the Toronto area and all across Ontario have by-laws in place to protect certain trees. For example, Toronto passed a host of municipal tree by-laws back in the 90’s that have had a profound impact on property development. These laws can even apply to your own private property. At Al Miley & Associates we can offer you arborist reports for any of the following situations:

  • Development Applications
  • Tree Protection Plans
  • Private Tree By-Law Permit Application

Obtain Arborist Reports

It is important that you retrieve the applicable arborist reports before going forward with any developments, no matter how minor. Tree life can be affected by many factors and the last thing you want to do is unknowingly breach your municipality’s laws because you didn’t obtain the pertinent reports.

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Get A Free Quote

Thinking it’s about time for a consultation and an update to your Toronto property’s natural landscape? Maybe you need an arborist report to further develop your property? Contact Al Miley & Associates anytime for quick and easy consultations and arborist reports!

Arborist Report-Consultation Toronto

More on Consultations

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    Interested in a consultation?

    A consultation is a great choice for those who want flexibility when it comes to their property’s tree and shrub care. Some properties may require more in the ways of fertilizer and aeration whereas another property may benefit most from certain pruning techniques. Even if your property needs trees and stumps removed, we have the means to make it happen. You may even want cabling and bracing support systems set up for some of your older, more majestic trees.
    Al Miley & Associates can work with you and create a regular maintenance schedule to perform pruning, inspections and other tree care services. This process is easy and affordable, and it provides the benefit of having beautiful trees, bushes and shrubs within your landscape in addition to enhancing property value.

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    Property Management Programs

    When it comes to keeping the trees and shrubs around your property healthy and looking their best, regular maintenance is your best option. Don’t wait until overgrowth or other problems have taken over; be proactive with your landscape care.
    If you simply want to maintain and refine your existing trees and shrubs, our property management program is a fantastic option. We can inspect your property for plants that need restoration and plants that are in need of removal due to poor health and/or safety issues. We have the knowledge and experience to handle any tree or shrub in any situation. In addition, we have the equipment and materials to ensure the task is handled safely and efficiently.

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