How to Prune Trees in Spring

In spring, you may have to do a lot of pruning to remove the excessive growth of shrub or trees in your yard. Your local Toronto arborist would recommend pruning trees in winter but there are always a few exceptions. In fact, it’s always better if you can prune the trees a few months before they start to grow. Once the trees begin budding or blooming in spring, pruning can be such a tiresome task.

Tips on how to prune trees in spring

How to Prune Trees in Spring

Pruning trees in Spring has some serious potential risks. If not properly done, the trees may be left with cuts which put them at an increased risk of insect infestation or diseases. But there’s a way that tree pruning can be done safely in spring. You just have to ensure that you don’t remove more than 10% of the tree branches. The idea here is to do minimal pruning to enhance the aesthetics of the tree.

Which types of trees are best to prune in spring

There are certain tree species that thrive when pruned in spring. If you have apricot trees, dogwood trees, lilac or magnolia, you can prune them once they’ve finished blooming.

Some trees like maple and walnut will ooze sap when pruned which can be so messy to work with. We would recommend trimming them after they have all their leaves for the season.

There are certain types of trees that shouldn’t be pruned or trimmed in spring. Remember that pruning can sometimes leave the trees vulnerable to diseases and insect attacks. For instance, avoid pruning oak trees, elm trees and Sycamores in spring. If you are unsure of whether to prune the trees in your yard, work with your arborist to determine what’s best and how to get it done safely.

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