Tips to Repurpose Your Christmas Tree After the Holiday

As we say farewell to the magical Christmas season, you may need to get rid of a few things in your home. The best part is, you don’t really need to get rid of your precious live Christmas tree. Almiley&Associates will share with you a few ideas to repurpose it.

Repurpose Your Christmas Tree
  • Help your community

    Instead of throwing away your Christmas tree, consider giving it out for recycling. There are cities that host recycling events every year so you can take your live Christmas tree to be used for mulching or to decorate the community playground.

  • Recycle it on your own

    The live Christmas tree can be recycled at home to make mulch which you can use on the trees in your landscape. The branches of the Christmas tree can be shredded to form heavier mulch or even cut into smaller pieces and lined on the flower beds. Over time, mulching provides your garden with adequate nutrients to enrich the soil.

  • Use them to decorate your home

    The pine needles on your Christmas tree can work magic if you are creative. You can use them as a natural air freshener by simply plucking them from the tree and putting them in a bowl of potpourri. You can use the branches as candle holders. There are so many crafty ideas you can find online to transform your Christmas tree into a beautiful piece of art.

  • Replanting

    Remember that not all live Christmas trees can be replanted. If the tree has a damaged root ball, chances are that it can’t grow back. Also, if you had placed the tree near the heater or vents, there’s a high chance that it’s dried up and can’t be replanted. If possible, plant the tree right after Christmas and keep it well-watered throughout the season.

You can consult a Toronto arborist to help you determine if the tree can be replanted.

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